Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kuselan Official Trailer

Thalaivar Rockzz!!

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raja said...

S: One day, as it was raining heavily, I was driving my car way back to my house when I found that my usual route was blocked by a huge tree which fell due to the storm.
P: I felt lazy to take the alternate route; I just parked my car before the huge tree (thinking that no body will disturb me) and slept inside!
S: All of a sudden, I heard a huge noise coming from the forest that was quite near to the road, which made me curious and I decided to see what it was.
P: After walking for about 5 minutes, I could listen to a female voice. She was singing in a sweet voice, but was threatening me. There were lot of rumors about the forest and the female ghost ruling it.
S: I then decided to follow the voice as it attracted me, I was totally mesmerized and I felt something pulling me towards the voice.
P: As I reached nearer, I saw the shadow of her in the ground – however, I was having no clue of where she is standing? What could be wrong with my eyes? I was wondering!
S: As I was sweating, I felt thirsty and could see a pond nearby. I went there to have some water when I realized I was actually seeing the lady’s reflection in the water but sadly couldn’t see her with my naked eye around me.
P: She stopped singing and asked me in a soft voice, “Sevi, could you help me get out of this forest? I’m wandering like a ghost as the saint in this forest cursed me.”
S: I was not sure what to do as I can’t take her home and one peculiar thing is she’s got shadows, reflection, voice but she is invisible to ordinary eyes.
P: As I told her about my doubt, she told me “Only you can sense me; You are the first person to come here by 12’o clock in the mid-night; So, you are the one who can rescue me from this forest and the saint.”