Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sivaji - Trailer

The Trailer of the much awaited Sivaji hit the headlines yesterday in the CNN IBN. They aired the exclusive trailer of "The Boss" (Bachelor of Social Service).

Already the songs have become a super hit, and now Rajni rocks in the trailer. Really awaiting for the Film to hit the silver screen with a bang on the 15th of June.

In the end of the trailer he thunders this punch dialog.

"Per-a kaetavutanae chumma Athiruthula..." - Warae wha!! Thalaivar epothum Thalaivar taan...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Five Point Someone

Well I kind of started being passionate towards reading now. I finished reading this book in few hours spent over two days. It really feels great to finish a book in two days. While I was reading this book I felt that probably I should have read it during my college times, but alas this book was published in 2004 the year of my graduation. I myself being an under performer in my college days felt that the story resembled my college life to some extent. A quick outline about the story, below.

The life story of three friends Ryan Obroi, Alok Gupta & Hari Kumar in the IIT Delhi which happened around 2000 - 2004.

Ryan Obroi - He is always the dictator who decides whats to be done next. He loved his friends more than his family.
Hari Kumar - The narrator of this story, he always wants to be Ryan. Here he just agrees what ever Ryan says without much thinking. Hari also narrates the way he falls in love with Neha.
Alok Gupta - This boy will be left with no option but to agree with them after some sort of argument with Ryan each time. He always had too much responsibilities of taking care of his family which he loved too much.
Neha Cherian - One other important character, Hari's girl friend.

This story indicates that the education system in the IITs is similar to the system in any other Engineering college. With all the assignments, minors & the majors. All the way through their career they just keep trying to beat the system which just meant a crap to them. They keep trying to find different ways to escape the system. At one stage they realize that they will have to live with this system to come out of the IIT with the graduation, but by that time too much of damage has already been done to them. They were even about to be kicked out of the IIT once. But finally with a bit of luck, and their hard work towards the end and with the help of Prof. Veera they were able to make it. Hari's love with Neha has also been given an equal importance throughout the story but finally the Author didn't want to reveal what actually happened to it.

This is a cool story with no much twists & turns, I loved the way it was presented. A very easy reading. And now I am waiting to read my next book One night @ the call center by the same Author. Hope I carry on this habit of reading throughout my life.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who Moved My Cheese

This is the first book which I have read after deciding to cultivate the habit of reading.

"Excellent !!!" That is the word which I will use to explain this book. This book motivated and inspired me a lot in various fronts. The author has put the message which he wanted to convey in a very simple and straight forward manner. At the same time he has taken care that the message will definitely reach the readers. This style of writing suited my taste well. I am happy to have started my reading habit with this book.

I have started to feel its effect on me the very moment I finished reading. I will classify this book as a must read for every individual. Find more details about this book, here.