Friday, June 27, 2008


This place was in the head lines for all wrong political reasons a couple of months back. I happened to visit this place last week end with my friends. Only after seeing the beauty of Hogenakkal I understood the reason for which the Karnataka government is trying to set their foot here. River Kaveri flows beautifully amidst the hilly banks on both the sides. And there are several water falls from the hills falling right into the river. Each one were a beauty on its own. We went for a boating (parisal) along the river seeing few falls in close proximity. The boat man told us that the water level there was actually low now and during August we will not be able to see the rocky banks on either sides as the water would cover the whole area. At the end of the boat ride we reached a sandy bank where we had a good bath in the river. There were two artificially created falls which was at the top of the hill. We had a good time there too.

The other specialties of this is place is the oil massage & the hot fish fries. Few of my friends had a good massage and also we hired a cook to prepare some chicken and fish. After all the bath and the spending the whole day walking here and there we had a good lunch. The trip was really wonderful, this is one of the must visit tourist places in Tamil Nadu.

Activities not to missed @ Hogenakkal
1. Boating in the river.
2. Bath in the falls.
3. Oil massage.
4. Munching fish curry


shankar.n said...

The pics look sooo compelling. Feeling unlucky for having missed the trip. :(

Vasu said...

Seems to be a great place, btw how was the whether ???

Can you also post on the nearest railway station or big city, where to stay kind of details will be great.

abimanyu said...

@Vasu, The climate was sunny during the day time, & it rained in the evening when we were about leave. I don't think you will need to stay here in Hogenakkal coz there would be nothing to do for more than a day. Anyways Dharmapuri is closest town around 45 Kms from here you could find some good hotels to stay there.