Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finally Proud owner of SE K750i

My very long desire to buy a rich featured Mobile phone finally got satisfied on the 17th of Oct. During my leisure in office my major interest will be looking into the UniverCell site for mobile prices and GSMArena site for mobile reviews. I kept looking for the best in the market like mad from these reviews. Initially the mobiles under my consideration were the

SE K750i
SE W550i
Nokia 6280
Samsung x700

The W550i went out of contention due to the lack of a quality camera. The x700 also lost the race due to the same reasons. But the Nokia 6280 was satisfying all my needs but it was way out of my budget. So finally decided to buy the feature packed K750i which was priced just right.

I had decided the right mobile to be brought but the correct time to purchase it was not yet decided. I fixed the date as Sept 29th, but due to some constraints (I was leaving to Madurai that evening (time constraints)) I was not able to make it on that day. So finally decided that I will get it in the week prior to Diwali. As the purchase of the mobile got delayed once again I started to analyze the web for a model better than this. As a result of this search I shortlisted the new contenders as,

SE K750i (Still on top)
SE W700i

In the final moments I was even tempted to buy a very costly SE W850 which struck my eyes. But I controlled the temptations and decided to buy one of the two listed above, I felt it to be stupidity to spend over 15,000 on a mobile. On the day of purchase when I woke in the morning I had no idea that I will be buying my new mobile that evening (actually it was night when I bought it). While I was in the office I decided that the mobile must be brought before the forthcoming thursday as I will be leaving to Madurai. I had only two evenings time. I called Pradeep (my pal) and confirmed him whether he will be free in the evening so that he will accompany me to WaveTel.

Time was 7.00 PM I was still busy with my work, I called Pradeep and asked him whether the plan can be rescheduled to the next day? But he told to finish this off today as there were other commitments tomorrow. At 9.00 he called me and asked shall we move? I still had some work to be completed but still I decided to leave.

Finally we reached WaveTel at around 9:45. We asked for models from Sony Ericsson which were released after K750i the sales person suggested W700i. I got the sample pieces of both K750i and W700i in my hand and had a final look to decide which one to choose. Pradeep also suggested to go for the W series and the owner of WaveTel also suggested the same. Finally after some pause I decided to go for the Black Beauty, K750i.

I have almost fixed my eyes on the SE K750i when Pradeep purchased it during few months back. Its rich features and the nominal price compared to other nokia mobiles were the main reason for me to turn my attention towards this bar. Now I am happy to own this piece.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In search of a place to live in (in Chennai)

The search is on again. This time it is getting even more tougher as our requirements has also gone on the high. It has become a habit for us to change a house every 6 months, we are already looking for our fourth house in the last 18 months. This often happens due to some external forces rather than our own decision.

As a known truth the bachelors are never encouraged in the apartments. And also we are seven in number where ever we reveal this we are straight away shown the way out!! if we keep this as a secret during the time of signing the agreement then we are done once the truth is out.

In and around Thiruvanmiyur (Our current location), we are not able to find a single house that suits our requirements so this time we will have to compromise with the distance. The search in the ECR, Kotoorpuram, Velachery, and the OMR began. We were still not able to locate the exact one. I along with Vel suggested a house in the ECR(Palavakam) with the help of a broker which was sacked due to the lack of parking space. Then few more were suggested by Vel in the Kotoorpuram area all of which had some flaws in it, eventually all got rejected. In the meanwhile Pradeep was striving hard in search of the best possible house which we could get. Eventually he(Pradeep) came up with a superb apartment in Perungudi & one more was found in Velachery, both satisfied us almost such that we were almost egear to agree but due to distance constraint these were also rejected.

Finally the day dawned with Guru waking me saying Pradeep is ready to see a house in Palavakam with the reference of a broker. We (Pradeep, Jayan& I) started together and was later joined by Kumar. It was a hard days search with no result till noon. Due to some constraints Jayan, Kumar & I were forced to return home, Pradeep continued the search with the broker and found one in the OMR(Thoraipakkam). All of us except Guru visited the house in the evening and were really exited seeing the facilities and the size of the house. After further discussions within us and with the owner this house is fixed as our next place to live in.

More about the house once we move in (Hope so).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just the entry

Whew!! At last I am also here.. Felt like blogging very long ago but finding time just now.. I hope that I visit this place pretty frequently..