Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Trip to Masinangudi

Last week end we went on a trip from our office to Masinangudi, a place near Mudumalai forest range. The trip was really rocking as expected. This was a three days trip. We started from Chennai on thursday & planned to the reach the destination by around 1 PM on friday. The train delayed our plans & subsequently we reached the resort by 5 PM. But the travel to the resort from the coimbatore junction by van was really enjoyable, as the climate was excellent and we were dancing and having fun all the way. The Mudumalai forest region is about 1000 feet above the sea level, whereas Ooty is 2240 feet above the sea level. So we had to go uphill & then down hill to an extent. The weather over there was not so cold.

We booked our stay in Bear Mountain (a jungle resort) over there. The place was really very different one, admist the forest, dark & scary to an extent during the night. They had different type of places to stay there. A Tree house, camp site & some normal kind of executive rooms. We opted for few camp sites & a tree house. I got myself into the tree house. A wooden platform like thing has been built around a tree, and on that platform there were three tents. Each can accommodate two members. It was totally a different experience to stay there. Overall the resort was good. But it was on the costlier side.

The first day, there was not much of any activity. We just planned for a night safari. Saw few Gaurs(Indian bison), deers, wild boar & a baby elephant during the safari. We'll have to be very lucky to get to see a panther it seems & seeing a tiger is almost impossible. We were told that to see a Tiger we may have to stay in the jungle for two days. The next morning we went on a hill trek, it was a pretty easy trek and a very small one compared the one which we went the last year in Parsons valley. Few from our group felt very tired & were not able to walk further. So we had to drop it in the mid way & came down around lunch time. After the lunch and a session of volleyball in the resort we went for the elephant camp in the evening. We went for the night safari the second night also. We had no luck that night either. Were not able to see anything special. Then on the third day we vacated the resort in the morning & had a bath in a stream near masinangudi. On the way to Ooty we stopped at Pykara falls. I had been to Ooty several times but this is the first time I saw the Pykara falls. It was such a nice place to visit. Beautiful flow of water.

The trip was really wonderful, our team is always gelled as a very closed set of friends. We go for a tour once in a year, for some relaxation away from work. This is one such tour and the purpose was really fulfilled.


shankar.n said...

A blog after a long time!!!! welcome back buddy... nice post.. seems.. u blog only after u r back from a trip.. so, atleast to blog more.. go on more such trips...

Pradeep said...

hmm...hope u had a nice trip!
charged and Back to work again...

Thiyagu said...

Cool! you are already a rocker! and this trip seems to ve given u more opp for it..keep rocking!!!

Vasu said...

Great to hear that you guys had lots of fun !!!!

Yup, you are right that visitors rarely get to see Tiger or Panther in Mudumalai forest range these days.

Wish you guys take such breaks every six months from now on :-) so that we get to know about more remote places, keep rocking.

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