Wednesday, March 28, 2007 rocks

A new website toondoo released today. This is meant for creating cartoon strips. This website really rocks. A cool fun site which children will love, and believe me even the adults will love this. It has various different options which allows you to create a toon of your taste. They give you a large set of characters apart from which you can upload images of your choice into it. I just gave it a quick try and resulted with the following, a very simple one in fact.

This is released by the Jambav team of the AdventNet.


rajendran said...

Hi there,

Did you try embedding the "flexible" flash version? You will have the ability to control the width, and show the whole toon, then!

ToonDude from Jambav.

abimanyu said...

Hi Rajendran,

Thanks for the tip. Now have updated the post with the "flexible" flash version. Great !!!