Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tada - Raw nature !!!

This trip was just an unofficial one with few of my colleagues. We were six in number started from Chennai at 6 in the morning in a cab. We halted near Puzhal lake to have a view. This place took all of by surprise. I didn't expect such a big lake any where near Chennai. Later came to know that, this is one of the main source of water for Chennai.

We reached Tada by nearly 11. The cab driver left us at the point beyond which we can move only by walk. The place was really superb. Nature lovers will definitely find this place as a treat for their eyes. A mix of a light forest, cool stream & rocky hill. There was no definite path to reach the falls, just we will have to walk through the stream or in between the trees. We were not able to reach the main falls as we were running out of time. Also we heard from some people that reaching the falls would be challenging & swimming knowledge is a must. Except myself and another guy the others were not good swimmers, so we decided against proceeding towards the falls. But on the way to the falls there are many puddles which will give us enough enjoyment. Few sample snaps have been posted below. So if you are in Chennai and will like to spend a weekend in a totally different way (Without pollution, noise and all the other disturbance the city provides), this would be one of the best choice available.

One good thing about Tada (that I liked) is, it is still a place where the tourist dept. are yet to set their foot. So this place is just a raw nature with no customization.

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